The activity timer
By Timering you can save and repeatedly use your countdown and stopwatch results to improve your daily routines, learning, work and sports performance.
Measure your activities by countdown and stopwatch
Each of us wants to focus only on the important things. In order to reach it, we have to split our time properly. Let’s set up a countdown to create a timeframe for a task or set up a stopwatch to measure how much time is that another task consumes.
Save your result and use it repeatedly
Save your countdown timer to each activity and use them repeatedly by one tap. Save your stopwatch result and compare to previous ones. Thus, you can track the improvement in your performance.
Timering shows the passage of time by dropping rings
The rings fill up the screen during your timer is active. They help to get a sense how much time left before the timer runs out. The rings always draw unique patterns to you by random combination of two colors.
Choose a theme and a pleasant alert sound
You can choose multiple styles to your screen as rising sun, calm ocean, paper n' tint and night shift. You can choose also between pleasant alert sounds.
Ready to use on iPhone, iPad and soon on Apple Watch
In order to make the smoothest experience for you, we are working to launch the app on each Apple devices from apple watch to Mac. Now, Timering available on iPhone and iPad.
Timering will help you in daily tasks, routines, sport, learning, and presentation.